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Photographic Artist | Christopher StandingBear

Hello my name is Rev. Christopher StandingBear; nature photography is my hobby and second passion. My first passion is being healer, it is my purpose in this life, and so it is fitting that I help others heal through my work and play at Bearfoot Healing.

If you haven't already found out, I have words of wisdom cards for both TUT - Notes from the Universe and Bearfoot Healing, as well as words of support and encouragement e-cards you can send out
to your connections that are a reflection of my desiring to extend the personal reach of this body and help even greater numbers heal and move into ever greater Love and expanded ways of being.

About the photography

There is an inclination towards artistry within my physical family and the expression of it through this body is photography with attention to the details. I enjoy capturing what a lot or maybe even most would miss.

Being a visual and kinesthetic person, I intend to capture with the camera what brings about a feeling of joy and/or movement of energy within, and for this reason I Love to photograph moving water as this element grounds me and represents the movement of energy and emotions within and without.

I started photographing with serious interest in my late teens. It was with a Canon (film) point and shoot camera I received as a gift slightly earlier in life and by my mid-twenties I was very serious about buying a full size film back with an assortment of lens. It never happened though, I decided saving money to move was more important.

I currently use a Canon Rebel T7i ran in full manual on the body and either manual, auto-focus or auto-focus manual over-ride on my lenses while I continue to work on upgrading to the Canon 5Ds R.

May you find Love and Joy in all you Be and do!

I Love you!

Namasté OM A'ho!
My Portfolio

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Words of Wisdom
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